Piper Digital

The Wave Of The Future In Multiplatform Marketing

Combining web design, SEO, SEM, digital, print,social media, and event marketing we promote brand awareness along with products and services. We create a multi-level conversational loop that is engaging and complimentary to prospective customers’ lifestyles.

The future is Multi-Channel, Multi-Platform, Digital Marketing Collaboration.

Coordinating marketing within digital and offline platforms is a powerful way to engage conversation with targeted audiences.

Our marketing agency collaborators work together to provide the most efficient 360-degree awareness campaign. Our team members are the best in their respective fields and have obtained a proven level of success.

Our Team

Michael Piper


Mike Piper graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Business Marketing from the University of South Florida (USF) and a minor in Psychology & Consumer Behavior (1999). Simultaneously during college Mike thrived, rising through the ranks as the youngest manager in a top Fortune 500 Company. Since, he has spent the last 19 years specializing in creating brands, events, and growing business with strategic marketing plans. His successes started with the lead in marketing for a healthcare company increasing annual revenue from $900,000 to $24,000,000 (twenty-four million) per year, within a two-year period. He did this while simultaneously making a name for himself in the hospitality industry turning a waterfront restaurant into a local hot spot, maintaining $15+ Million in annual revenues for 12 consecutive years.

During this time, Mike founded Pied Piper Productions, a top event company that produces some of Tampa’s largest & well known events with the most exclusive clientele. Creating annual and seasonal events, charity functions, art and fashion shows with top-brands like Bebe, celebrity events with hosts such as Kim Kardashian and Mario Lopez, with performers ranging from Tommy Lee to Nick Cannon. And guests such as Channing Tatum, Paris Hilton, Derek Jeter, Michael Jordon, and John Senna. Mike has also led in the creation of successful concepts and many strategic marketing plans. Through his ventures, he has compiled what he considers to best of the best team to handle all aspects of digital marketing needs… hence the birth of Piper-Digital.

Aaron Lesage

Co-Founder/Creative Director

From an early age, Aaron’s field of endeavor has been Music and Creative Arts. Aaron began his entrepreneurial career in his hometown of Ocala, Florida as a DJ.
After significant success, Aaron chose to expand his talents and knowledge by pursuing a degree in Record Engineering at Full Sail University in Orlando, Florida.
After obtaining his degree, Aaron was chosen for a competitive internship with Disney World’s Music Department followed by an internship in New York with MTV as a production assistant.
While in New York, he also gained experience in Commercial/Advertising audio production.
Fully embracing the entrepreneurial lifestyle, Aaron continued to expand his network amongst New York’s finest for 3 years.
Aaron developed many life long relationships and professional connections through his work in New York.
After several grueling winters, he decided to get back to his roots in Florida. In 2007, Aaron obtained his real estate license in the midst of the market crash. This led him back to familiarity, music and brand marketing.
His reputation as a highly desirable top DJ/music business professional and self-taught entrepreneur has led to noteworthy success in his professional career.
Aaron was the official Tampa Bay Lightning DJ for 3 seasons, Co-Founder of Ol’ Dirty Sunday’s at Crowbar in Ybor, CEO of a production company called Complex Simplicity, and is partnered with Symphonic Printing and a custom beverage design company called Wrap My Cup.
Aaron sought out to expand his portfolio and skill set in Creative Arts. After a short tenure with a local marketing firm as a Brand Developer/Designer and Creative Consultant, in 2016 Aaron teamed up with Adam Caldwell to open Within Marketing in 2017 and then a year later teamed up with Mike to help create and build Piper Digital as well.
As with all of his professional ventures, Aaron has become a master of his craft. His vision to help “build your brand from the inside out” has served as Piper Digital’s tagline.

Adam Caldwell

Co-Founder/Web & Digital Director

Adam began his professional career as a Firefighter/Paramedic in Orlando, Florida. During this time, Adam became a state certified Company Officer and pursued management and leadership positions at the fire department.
Adam quickly advanced in his career but desired further professional advancement that was not available through the fire department, so he began pursuing other options.
Adam began a side business providing marketing, social media, graphic design, and web development services.
After obtaining multiple professional certifications and degrees and experiencing rapid growth with his side business, Adam decided to leave the fire department to pursue his creative passion full-time.
Adam became a co-founder in a company called City2Nite. This company focused on nightlife marketing and advertising services.
Adam expanded his network and developed an advanced skill set during his 5 years building City2Nite. After reaching a professional plateau, Adam and his partner Aaron Lesage decided to venture into advanced marketing and professional services.
Within Marketing was founded in 2017 and has provided boundless professional growth and development of skills for Adam and Aaron. They then teamed up with Mike to help create and grow Piper Digital.